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To the Willow Garden

Paula McBride

Book Description

A gripping fantasy set in another time, another world.

The author shapes a dramatic story with well-rounded characters and thought provoking ideas.

The plot moves with precision and pace as a group of youngsters fight for knowledge and freedom from old traditions and beliefs.

They've learnt how to survive in a world ravaged by their own planets' destructive forces, but their world is changing, and not for the better. Can they change too? If so, will they be in time?

This first Novella - of aprox. 38,000 words- of a trilogy is an original and imaginative read recommended for younger teenagers and young adults who are starting to discover the joys of reading exciting fantasy tales.

 Paula’s comments

This book was created for teenagers and young adults who are looking for a fantasy story, with a bit  of Sci-fi. I wanted to create a book with no vampires, witches or wizards, but still with plenty of action, adventure and mystery.

There are some deep thoughts in this book, along with some humour. I’ve tried to make it appealing for both genders too, so there are plenty of characters young ones can identify with, get to know and most of all enjoy the adventure with!

I really hope you enjoy reading the first in this trilogy, if so email me and let me know.

Paula xxx

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