Little Chick's First Day!
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To the Willow Garden

Paula McBride

Book Description

You cannot help but fall in love with Little Chick on her first day outside her egg!

Follow along as Little Chick hatches from her egg, loses her way and makes matters worse, trying to find her mum and her home.

This story has just enough emotional drama and a happy ending that inspires confidence in young ones.

With beautiful illustrations, that bring Little Chick's character to life, your children will love to hear this charming story over and over again.

Illustrated especially for ebooks this little story makes an ideal Kindle experience for sharing.

 Paula’s comments

This sweet, little book was fun to write.

As a family living in the countryside of Wiltshire, UK, we keep a few chickens and there's nothing like seeing a day old, fluffy, yellow chick!

All chickens have different personalities and the little chick in this story is very adventurous.

I loved doing the illustrations. My favourite is little chick running home past the flower pots, because I think chicks look so funny when they're running really fast!

Hope you enjoy it.

Paula xxx

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