The Great Anwen Sheep Singing Contest!
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To the Willow Garden

Paula McBride

Book Description

A charming and loveable story of a shy young lamb who feels he is very different from all his talented and musical relatives.

Follow along as 'The Great Anwen Sheep Singing Contest' (the x-factor for sheep), gets into full swing, and in an altogether unexpected way, young Emlyn eventually discovers his own true strengths and abilities.

Full of wonderfully likeable characters, that are beautifully illustrated by the author, especially for e-books. ‘All Sheep Love to Sing!’ is a charming and lovely little picture book that makes a perfect bed-time story.

Paula’s comments

This book was created after a lovely visit to Wales in the UK.

As a family we visit Wales every year, as we live not too far away, but one particular year we took an early morning walk.

The mist was hanging in the valley, the hills were shining emerald green and the sheep were baa-ing all around us. We all noticed how the sheep had different voices and how their baas were echoing all around the valley. We imagined them dancing and singing! We couldn't help but join in with them!

It was from this one thought, of sheep practising their echos around the valleys, that "All Sheep Love to Sing!" came to be a lovable, little story.

I hope you enjoy it, it was fun to write!

Paula xxx

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